What is Ecopsychology?

Who Am I?

I am Artemis of Ephesus, from the 10th Century B.C. If those tending my great Temple  let the Fire of Life sputter out and go dark, they would be buried alive. Harsh punishment, I know. But isn’t it true? 

What is Ecopsychology?

Ecopsychology is an orientation that opens psychology to humanity’s larger ecological belonging. Navigating current turbulent relationships between civilization and wild nature requires psychological insights and healing modalities from all orientations and traditions. Whether somatic, behavioral, transpersonal, depth, or whatever, each approach matters. An ecological context makes us ecopsychologists, not our tools or favored approaches.

Renée’s Focus

I engage environmental crises as an initiatory rite of passage. Adversities and even terrible catastrophes do not happen TO us but FOR us. What do challenges and upheavals invite us to become? As individuals and organizations we have an unprecedented opportunity to align with the intelligence, beauty, and integrity of nature. There are five ways this alignment can occur:

  1. Cultivating Ecological Identity
  2. Engaging Crises as Initiations
  3. Reestablishing the Dignity of Shame and Power of Accountability
  4. Presencing and Tending to Collective Trauma
  5. Recovering True Purpose as Individual and Collectives

Four Domains within Ecopsychology

~ Vitality ~ Feelings ~ Action ~ Evolution ~

  • BODY: Physical Vitality is deeply connected to the vitality of one’s habitat.
  • SOUL: Emotional responsiveness signals development of the ecological Self.
  • WORLD: Maturing as a true adult requires purposeful action on behalf of life.
  • SPIRIT: We are open breathing expressions of earth’s complexity & evolution.

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