True purpose is a Force of Nature

True purpose is a Force of Nature

Purpose Guiding with Dr. Renée G. Soule ~

True purpose is a force of nature.
An inner river of life-giving creativity and vitality.
Soul-doctoring in our time requires freeing and focusing this vital flow within us.

​Freeing our innermost desires and talents, we awaken to the needs of our beloved world; for true purpose is a gift from life for life. Imagine: from simple cells to plants to complex creatures, the torch of purpose passes to each and every one of us.

What a mystery! What a responsibility! What an ADVENTURE!
Whether we dance, tiptoe, or trundle forward, each of us learns to carry the illuminating torch of purpose in our unique way.

Are you curious about the unique wild nature of your true purpose?
Do you feel called to awaken and vivify your deepest passion?
Are you ready to be guided by purpose, even in stormy times?

If yes, it is helpful to remember these three things:
1. You matter.
2. You have a true purpose.
3. We are all in this together; let’s help each other.

I am an ecopsychologist and a fellow adventurer.
​Allow me to guide you as you launch your unique earth-based purpose journey.

​Tally ho!!! .

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