Blessed are those who soften the emotional rigidity of their hearts,
for they shall have all the power of nature. ~ Jeshua

We are full participants in evolution.
Cleaning up our psychological act is imperative. Don’t you think?

I invite individuals, groups, and organization to work with me.
Any venue—from prison to wilderness—is suitable for an ecopsychologist.
Would Ecopsychology Counseling or Consulting be beneficial?
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One-on-One work is a journey of recovery and discovery of a wild ad wise inner self.
This includes your inborn sense of purpose, which is a gift from life to life.

You belong. You matter.  
Like everyone, you have unique gifts, perspectives, and ways of giving.


Ecopsychology Working Groups

Transformative learning occurs best in tight coherent groups. When enough people (at least five) commit to being part of an “Ecopsychology Working Group” I will create a Group. Working as a small group is interesting, fun, it is also more affordable.

Themes of our work will be:

– Maturing ecological identity –
– Engaging crises as Initiations –
– How trauma affects living systems –
– Recovering the dignity of shame –
– Exploring the power of accountability –
– Discovering true purpose –

Sessions will be 1.5 hours—weekly or monthly. Sliding scale: $30-$50 per session. If local, we can meet in person.


Organizational Ecopsychology:
Working with Organizations & Communities

Organizations, communities, and businesses face unprecedented ecological change. You all are also uniquely positioned to make a real difference in the world.

Organizational Ecopsychology includes:

• Exploring ecological belonging for businesses, organizations, and communities.
• Cohering as a “we” to develop networked intelligence and “we-ability.”
• Generating fresh emergent approaches to pressing challenges.
• Promoting wholesome responses to shame (essential to coherent functioning!)
• Re-visioning collective purpose in the context of environmental change.
• Reframing and engaging crises as opportunities to evolve.

Curious about Organizational Ecopsychology? Click HERE for free 20 minute consult.




Public Speaking
I can speak about all topics in this website. Let’s check in.

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