Healing for the Sake of Life

Ecopsychologists have one client: The Earth. We are inner-environmentalists.
We protect and serve the Earth within each of us.
Given half a chance, this inner creative power will stretch and grow.

Can you hear the call? Let’s say YES ~ on behalf of Life!

What is Ecopsychology?

Ecopsychology perceives humans as integral to and embedded in a living world.

Aligning with wild nature promotes clarity, resilience, and the ethical imagination required to thrive. Dynamic sustainability is possible—from the inside out.

In our not-so-distant past, human survival depended directly upon intuitive reciprocity one’s habitat. Ecopsychology is rooted in this indigenous perspective but contends with climate change, fracking, radar-equipped fishing vessels, nuclear bombs, tight schedules, and the deification of the almighty dollar.

Modern challenges and temptations necessitate a post-modern ecological psychology. (Read more...)

* Most important is that we develop a healthy relationship to accountability and shame. Scroll down for a 5 session special offer on "Healing Shame" *


Here are my reflections on the psychological roots of environmental crises. Learning never stops, so stay tuned…



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Special! HEALING SHAME, Five Sessions for $425

Shame gets a bad rap in today’s world.

Is condemnation deserved? Is avoidance wise?

Might shame play a vital healing role in living systems?

Whether shame becomes a friend or enemy to evolution depends entirely upon one's ability to work lucidly with this powerful affect.

I take an ecological approach to shame. This perspective enables me to perceive and honor it’s powerful healing role in complex social (and ecological) systems.

During the five Sessions, we will explore how you avoid shame and the price that you (and those around you) pay for this avoidance. Most importantly, we will clarify and clear the path for you to experience wholesome shame; one that calls you home to a deeper belonging with yourself, others, and all of Life.


Then join me for a pioneering journey from traumatic to beneficial shame. Some journeys require good company, and this is one of them.

I will share insights, practices, and skills that enable shame to play its crucial role in mending broken relations. Even in dark times, we have the freedom to move towards clarity.

Five Sessions for $425
Guaranteed to change your relationship to shame!
If you are dissatisfied after the first session, we can stop & I will refund your entire fee.

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Renée G. Soule, PhD

I am an ecopsychologist. The context of my work is ecological belonging. The purpose of my work is to align with the power and integrity of nature. I value the sobriety of being awake. I honor the power of accountability. I am devoted to the dignity of shame. How can we become post-modern indigenous people? This crucial inquiry is the heart and soul of my practice.

• Are you curious about developing your more-than-human nature?
• Can you imagine reframing crises and trauma as initiations?
• Would you like shame to be wholesome, noble, and generative?
• Are you willing to make accountability a path of power and healing?
• Do you feel called to live aligned with a true sense of purpose?

If these inquires intrigue you, click HERE to schedule a free 20-minute consultation or click HERE to learn more about my background.